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About Village Physical Therapy

Welcome to Village Physical Therapy, where you will find skilled, compassionate care to help you achieve your physical goals. It is owned and operated by Deanna Irwin-Sires, who has been working in her field since 1993.

How We Can Help You

Village Physical Therapy provides one-on-one, 50-60 minute sessions where you will have the same experienced physical therapist for your entire course of treatment. Whether your injury is a result of an acute or traumatic accident, sports injury, pain during or after pregnancy, or you have long standing over-use issues, Deanna will help you learn about and treat your injury.  

See the Difference

With over 25 years of experience, Deanna provides expert care, education on your injury, with an emphasis on prevention, all with boutique service. Everyone's time is valuable, your appointment will start and finish as scheduled.  Parking is free and convenient, and no 'facility fee' is charged, as is common with larger organizations. Also, no lengthy automated menu when you call, but a live person! Scheduling is easy, flexible and fast. 

Types of therapy provided

General orthopedic issues

  • Acute injury/sprain/strains
  • Post-operative care of all joints
  • Sports injury
  • Overuse injuries/chronic pain syndromes
  • Muscle imbalance assessment/treatment
  • Refinement of existing home exercises/training for best results
  • Neuromuscular issues such as carpel tunnel, thoracic outlet, sciatica
  • Pain from spine dysfunction, including disc herniation, arthritis, poor positioning
  • Osteoarthritis of all joints

Pregnancy and post partum issues

  • Having a baby is a wonderful thing, but can also result in musculoskeletal pain/problems. Common issues are low back, SI joint and hip pain. Shoulder and neck pain can result from sustained nursing positions, while muscle imbalances, core/pelvic floor weakness and diastasis are also very common.  Some exercises we think will help after pregnancy do not serve the post partum woman. Deanna has advanced education to be able to specifically treat the pregnant or post-partum patient. 

About Deanna


Village Physical Therapy, LLC is owned and managed by Deanna Irwin-Sires, MPT, OCS.  Deanna is committed to providing you with the highest quality of care, while making it a positive, educational and effective physical therapy experience.  

Deanna has a Masters degree in physical therapy from Northwestern University, with 25 years of clinical experience and has been an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, through the American Board of Physical  Therapy Specialties since 2009.  She is dedicated to her profession with over 750 hours of continuing education after graduating from PT school, and has enjoyed working in many different PT settings, including acute care, in-patient rehabilitation, skilled nursing facilities and being a certified clinical instructor for physical therapy students. She has  worked in the out-patient orthopedic physical therapy setting since 1999.  Deanna worked at Harborview Medical Center from 1994-2004, where she gained experience in a wide variety of patient care settings. She started Village Physical Therapy in 2012.

Deanna understands that there is a combination of art and science in helping people with injuries.  She is driven to find and address all issues contributing to your symptoms, and is comfortable working with other health care providers to have all areas of concern addressed.

Education is a large part of Deanna’s practice, and will play a part in treatment of current issues, as well as prevention of future injury.  In today’s health care environment, we need to stress prevention and wellness, not just treat symptoms once they arise.

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Insurance Accepted

Village Physical Therapy is an in-network provider for the following insurances:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield
First Choice
L&I/Worker’s Compensation
Medicare/Regence Med Advantage
Auto Insurance Claims/PIP
Kaiser (formerly Group Health Options)

I am an out of network provider for Aetna, United Health Care, and HMO medicare plans.

At this time I am not accepting Molina/ Medicaid/DSHS insurance/Apple health care.

Please bring applicable co-pays.  Cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover accepted.

Village has competitive cash rates if we will not be billing insurance. I can provide you  with a 'super bill' detailing your treatment specifics, and you can  present this to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Please wear comfortable clothes that will allow access to your injured area

Looking forward to working with you!

Initial Paperwork

Please print, fill out and bring to first appointment, along with insurance card and photo ID.

Village PT Initial Registration Form (pdf)


Village Physical Therapy Notice of Privacy Practices (pdf) (pdf)


Village PT Financial Responsability (pdf)


Contact Village Physical Therapy

Please Email Deanna@VillagePTSeattle.com to schedule an initial appointment.

Village Physical Therapy

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